Arts & Culture

From fine art to graffiti, and studios to film locations, these are the places where individual expression and creative resistance is made and displayed.


The people, places, and pride of underrepresented and diverse groups whose contributions are significant to Austin’s culture and built environment.

Historic Places

From nationally listed historic sites to the significant local elements of the built environment, these places form an indelible part of Austin’s story.


These “secret places” and local hangouts allow Austinites to be themselves. They are informal, inexpensive, and never pretentious, but they are also extremely proud and stubborn places that eschew attention.

Keep Austin Weird

The places that help Keep Austin Weird embody the individual spirit of creative resistance. The creators and occupants are generally self-motivated by a desire to express their unique world view without regard for how it would be perceived beyond the city limits. This is manifested in the form of artwork, architecture, lively debate, writing, jam sessions, and so on.

Live Music Capital

Places important to the music scene are intertwined with the everyday lives of Austinites. Outdoor fields, 6th Street dives, and Chitlin’ Circuit venues have provided the opportunity for performers and audiences to create a music scene like no other.

Nature Vibes

Places that promote Austin’s outdoor lifestyle are informal and personalized. Their value comes from their use and the longevity of rituals and traditions. They range from highly personal experiences to shared festival happenings.

Remember the Armadillo

The demolition of the Armadillo in 1981 marked the beginning of Austin’s transformation from a weird, little, sleepy college town to a trendy destination for cool-seekers. Since then, Austin has lost many important places that helped make Austin a unique, desirable, and affordable place to hang out and be yourself.