Peter Pan Mini-Golf

525½ Barton Springs Road, 78704
1972, various unknown
Eclectic, Roadside Americana, Mid-Century Modern
Historic Status:
Austin Landmark


A technicolor Peter Pan statue emerging from the trees on Barton Springs Road marks the entrance to one of Austin’s most beloved recreation spots: Peter Pan Mini-Golf. Situated in the increasingly urban landscape of South Austin, the course is an unabashedly kitschy relic. First opened in 1948, this compact outdoor venue is built into a sloping hillside and features a mid-century clubhouse and two 18-hole courses populated with a menagerie of eclectic statues.


Located at the bustling intersection of South Lamar Boulevard and Barton Springs Road, Peter Pan Mini-Golf stands in stark contrast with the dense development happening all around it. The shady hillside venue harkens back to a time when Austin was more individualistic and relaxed.

Peter Pan’s unique character can be attributed to its decidedly non-corporate mom-and-pop ownership; it has been continuously owned and operated by the same local family for more than seven decades. First opened in 1948, the business was started by three brothers—Clifford, Jack, and Glenn Dismukes. Today, the business is run by Glenn’s granddaughter, Margaret Dismukes Massad.

For generations of Austinites, this place has been a popular gathering place for both children and adults; the late operating hours and a “bring your own beer” policy allows the venue to transform from a daytime family destination to a bustling part of Austin’s nightlife. Countless parties have been celebrated here, and having one’s birthday announced on the marquee sign along Barton Springs Road is a coveted achievement for local children.

The enduring popularity of Peter Pan is likely due to its bespoke and extremely creative design. The overall layout makes clever use of a small, sloping site next to a railroad by weaving the obstacles into the topography and around the trees. Antique neon signs and a colorful Mid-Century Modern clubhouse give the course a vintage, roadside Americana flair. However, Peter Pan’s best known feature is the bizarre character statues peppering its two courses.  Many of the sculptures were built by Glenn Dismukes and later updated and reimagined by artist Cheryl Latimer. Today, players can putt through tattooed fairies, a longhorn skull, a taco covered in ants, and a big blue skateboarding rabbit. These vividly colored, whimsical follies make the 36-hole course a singularly strange experience. Peter Pan Mini-Golf is chock full of the oddball charm that helped Austin get a reputation for being a bit weird. – Sadi Brewton, AIA

Photo Credits:

Bud Franck